Terms of Service for Experts/Therapists

Terms of Service for Experts/Therapists

1. Acceptance of Terms
By registering as a volunteer therapist with Relaxia.ai (hereinafter referred to as "the Platform"), you agree to comply with and be bound by the following Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from registering.

2. Eligibility
Volunteer therapists must hold the necessary qualifications and certifications to practice as a therapist in their jurisdiction. Relaxia.ai reserves the right to verify credentials.

3. Volunteer Commitment
a. Volunteers commit to providing mental health support services on a voluntary basis, either for free or at a low cost as agreed.
b. Scheduling and availability are subject to the volunteer's discretion.

4. Confidentiality
a. Volunteer therapists must maintain the confidentiality of all user interactions and information.
b. Discussions or content shared during therapy sessions must not be disclosed to third parties.

5. Professionalism
a. Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves professionally and ethically.
b. Any form of discrimination, harassment, or inappropriate behavior is strictly prohibited.

6. Platform Guidelines
a. Volunteer therapists must adhere to the guidelines provided by Relaxia.ai for conducting therapy sessions.
b. It is the responsibility of the therapist to take necessary measures to ensure that their conduct, language, and content during therapy sessions align with the guidelines set by Relaxia.ai.
c. Use of any discriminatory language or content is strictly prohibited.
d. Experts/Therapists are obligated to maintain accurate and up-to-date information about their services to ensure clarity and prevent confusion for users and clients.
e. Experts/Therapists are required to fully complete their profiles, including the upload of any necessary documents such as, but not limited to, their academic degree or certification.

7. User Safety
a. Volunteers should prioritize user safety and well-being.
b. It is the responsibility of the therapist to take necessary measures to ensure user safety and well-being during therapy sessions.
c. Report any concerns regarding user safety or well-being to concerned emergency bodies.

8. Conflict of Interest
In the event of a conflict-of-interest situation arising during the initial service inquiry prompted by the client or at any time during the actual therapy sessions, the therapist should take immediate action to terminate the therapy. This includes situations where personal or professional relationships could compromise the therapist's objectivity or the client's well-being.

9. Informed Consent
Ensure that clients are fully informed about the nature of the therapeutic relationship, the services being provided, and any potential risks or limitations.

10. Continuing Education
Engage in ongoing professional development and education to stay informed about best practices and maintain the highest standards of therapeutic care.

11. Termination of Therapeutic/Counseling Services to a Client
Therapists/Experts reserve the right to terminate therapy services if, at any point, it is determined that the therapeutic relationship is not conducive to the client's well-being, violates the terms of this agreement, is no longer necessary, is requested by a client, or is no longer possible, such as the client's unwillingness to communicate (or lack of communication) for more than two weeks.

12. Training and Updates
a. Volunteers may be required to undergo training or updates to align with platform standards.
b. Training materials and updates will be provided by Relaxia.ai.

13. Termination
Relaxia.ai reserves the right to terminate an expert/therapist's access for violations of these terms or any behavior deemed inappropriate or harmful.

14. Changes to Terms
Relaxia.ai may update these terms at any time. Volunteers are responsible for regularly reviewing the terms. Continued use of the Platform after changes constitutes acceptance of the modified terms.

Contact Information:
If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms of Service for Volunteer Therapists, please contact us at relaxia.ai@gmail.com.

Last Updated: 20 Jan. 2024

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